Sunday, February 15, 2015

Chicken wings - oh happy day!!!

Posted by Kirsten 0 comments Links to this post most of you know...we have a picky eater in our house. I don't just mean he doesn't like brussel sprouts and broccoli kind of picky. I mean he doesn't eat any meat kind of picky. Doesn't bring a sandwich to school...because hey how weird is that? Can I get an AMEN? At birthday parties...he says sure I'll have a hot dog...but just the bun please. Yes. We have a picky eater. No I can't hide meat in spaghetti sauce either because what kind of weird crap is spaghetti sauce Mom? Nope. The things other Moms of picky eaters can hide things in are also on the "no eat" list. Let him starve you say? Oh great idea. Already thought of that. Problem is...he really did starve. Then he got sick and went to the hospital. Swell idea. The boy means business. So for all you judge-y type people out there. I challenge you to come over and change his ways. I dare you. I DOUBLE dog dare you. 

I take the position that he is growing and he does not get sick (unless we try and starve him which - as I've said, not a great plan) therefore he will start to try things in his own time. Just like I did (also a former picky eater - karma sucks). 

So we were eating dinner (Mike and Sofie were enjoying some homemade chicken wings) Lorne had already eaten. I assumed he had come down to ask for his snack. Instead he grabs a piece of lettuce from the bowl..."Is this salad?" he says. Then he eats the lettuce. Then he talks casually a bit about how great it is. 

By now you could have blown me over with a feather. Next he starts eyeing up the chicken wings. "Are those chicken wings?" he says. We said "yes...would you like one?" He nods his head yes. Then walks over and chooses one from the plate and starts eating it. Sofie, Mike and I are basically sitting there in shock trying not to say the wrong thing so as not to break the spell. He talks about how much he likes it. Then he starts pondering a second one. We are jumping up and down (on the inside -seriously we don't want to ruin the moment). Then Sofie starts to realize she may soon have some competition when it comes to the future chicken wing supply and starts to verbally panic. I scream at her with my eyes to stop and she catches on (phew!). He wavers a bit about having another. We tell him no pressure. Whatever he wants (inside we are sweating bullets).  So of the three left he says he'll have the small one. He takes that and eats it. Holy. Moly. Two chicken wings. Monumental. 

Sofie takes a picture with my phone (which by the way...I did consider but again I was afraid of breaking the spell). He doesn't seem to mind. So I snap a few too. I have photo evidence. Lol. This moment seemed too good not to share. It is a historical day after all lol! 

Sunday, December 7, 2014


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Sofie and Lorne were baptized last night. It was a really great ceremony. It was a long time coming but it was actually nice for them to be able to take a bigger part in it rather than to just be fidgety crying babies. 

We had some comic relief from Lorne (of course) who just couldn't quite figure out how to put his head down so that the priest could pour the water on him. Leave it to Lorne to get some laughs from the entire congregation. 

Ironically, the readings during Mass were all about John the Baptist and baptism. I asked the priest if that was planned and he said no it was just a coincidence. Nothing is a I right?! It was clearly meant to be. 

Our friend Shawn who is their God Parent brought his son along. The Priest asked his son to light the second Advent candle at the beginning of Mass which was pretty nice (including him etc). 

Mikes brother Rob came as well. We were all decked out to the nines and do you think I got a picture of us all??? No. I even forgot to get one of the kids and their new God Father before everyone got home and got undressed! Sorry :(

I was tempted to film the baptism but it just didn't feel quite ok. I did manage
to get these pictures to share though! 

Presenting...Father Paul, Sofie and Lorne

Sunday, March 30, 2014


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Well the calendar says it's Spring but...looking out the window...not so much.

We've just been trudging along trying to maneuver ourselves through the ice and snow which seems never ending. Seriously. Enough already!

Easter is a great time of year...but Spring has never been my favorite season. Everything is brown and dead and stinky from being under the snow and ice for so many months. It also rains (April showers bring May flowers though). A lot. Rain and I aren't buddies. Rain gives me migraines. Not a fan.

But it's a means to an end. Spring means Summer is just around the corner so I can be thankful for that.

I'm really hoping for a great summer. We could all use it! If you hear me complaining about the heat...punch me and remind me how bad this Winter has been. I'll take too hot over cold any day!

These pictures are from crazy hair day at school....

Lorne said he wanted to try extra hard in February to receive a Character Award at school. They are awards given out monthly in each grade for various reasons. He tried and succeeded!! We were so proud of him! You can tell by this picture he was pretty proud of himself too haha! His award was given for inclusiveness and caring.
Lorne has also finally lost a front tooth. He's lost a bottom tooth but it always seems like those two top teeth are the most important and face changing.
For March Break the kids and I made the trip to Ottawa. We had a great time! Somehow we made it through an entire week at my Mom's house and never once got a picture of them together (MY BAD!!). I did snap this picture of Sofie after a shopping trip she had with her cousin Brenna. For Sofie it will be an unforgettable experience for sure! In fact it showed me how little I take her out to the mall since she had to ask Brenna how to get off the escalator!! Hahahahaha!! She had no idea. The country girl goes to the big city lol!
The only other picture I managed to snap at my Mom's place was of the turkeys in the back yard. A huge group of them hang out there daily. I mean seriously...if you are a turkey...this is the place to be. This shows about a quarter of them. There are usually about 20.
Here is Lorne with Aunt Alicia! It was pretty hard to keep him settled for a picture. He was full of energy that day!
Sofie and Lorne with Aunt Mona....
 Aunt Mona, Lorne, Grandpa Barry, Aunt Alicia and Sofie

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Winter wonderland?????

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So Mother Nature and I have had quite the love/hate relationship over the past year or so. Mostly hate. We like snow. We do. In fact our winter activities rely heavily on snow. Lots of snow. Somewhere along the way though...our definition of "lots of snow" and Mother Nature's definition of "lots of snow" got a bit skewed....
 The big pine tree in front of our house...the pine needles where falling everywhere because of the weight of the snow...
 Our driveway...
 Our BBQ which is used daily BTW...this is just one accumulation of snow from this week...
Our giant wishing well.....

The kids were more than happy with all of the snow. They had a 2 week Christmas vacation and the first day they were supposed to go back to school....SNOW DAY!!! We drove them in anyway because the conditions weren't too bad yet. On Tuesday not only were the buses cancelled but the schools were shut down too. In an unprecedented move...the buses were cancelled again on Wednesday too!! I don't ever remember that happening!

A LOT OF SNOW would be a wee bit of an understatement....
Mike shoveled the roof of the garage off into a pretty impressive pile. The kids took advantage of the opportunity and used the roof of the garage as a launching pad to jump into the pile of snow. KOWABUNGA!!!!
This is where our stairs are to access the road from our front can't see the stairs but you can get an idea of how deep it got....

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas 2013

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Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas this year!??? Mother Nature was kind enough to provide us with a white Christmas but unfortunately she also prevented many visits as a result. Beggars can't be choosers I guess....

Our visit with Geoff, Tara and the kids was cancelled and for the first time ever my brother and his wife never made it home for Christmas :( 

I think despite the weather everyone managed to have themselves a Merry little Christmas one way or the other. 

This year Mike's brother Rob came and spent a few days with us which was a nice treat. We were able to visit with his sister and her family and Poppa too!! We missed Mike's Mom terribly as this is our first year without her. Poppa Lorne did a great job of keeping all of her gift traditions alive and well though so big kudos to him for that!!

Sofie's number one wish this Christmas was for a guitar. She talked about it practically ALL year. 
(Excuse the crazy mess but hey it's Christmas morning right?)

Lorne was a little less specific but of course trains and monster trucks are still at the top of his list. 

Mike and I got Sofie her guitar. We told her we just couldn't risk Santa not bringing it ;) Needless to say she was VERY happy!!!

Lorne was very happy with the Thomas the Tank Engine track he got from his Grandpa Barry. He and Mike spent a good bit of time trying to put it all together. 
Sofie was happy with the fancy pillows she got for her bedroom from her Grandpa Barry. Another one of her wishes this year (room accessories - she's a diva). 

Lorne and Sofie had a great time opening their big Christmas bags from their Grammie and Grandpa Mike. So did Mike and I. You never know what you might find in there! 

Christmas night was spent at our friend Chrissy and Eric's house for their annual Misfits Christmas dinner and to celebrate Chrissy's birthday which is on Christmas day. I can honestly say I have never been so full in my life as I was that night. I couldn't even enjoy dessert!! I slaved away making pumpkin pies, cupcakes and birthday cake for the event but I couldn't even manage to squeeze one thing in! I swear I think I'm still full!!!! Chrissy smuggled some cupcakes away for us and brought them by on Boxing Day (she's awesome) so I did eventually get to have one. The pumpkin pies were all gobbled up though so I guess I'll just have to make another one. Darn ;)

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fall/Winter 2013 update!

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I've had some difficulties posting recently so I'm hoping this works. Since I've written and re-written posts to no avail...this one will be picture heavy but I'm not writing a novel. Maybe next time :)

So Lorne turned 6 in October. He cried himself to sleep the night before because he told me he wasn't done being 5 yet. Poor guy. He hoards everything...even age!!!
We had a party at home for him this year. I'm not too sure where I stand on this one. It was mayhem. I'd get them all settled down and then bam they were off again running around like crazy people. One of the boys literally had wet hair when he left! We made caramel apples and decorated their loot bags. One little boy sat at the table eating his caramel apple and he looked at me and said..."This is some nice party!" LOL! I took that as a compliment since 6 year olds can be a tough crowd. 
For Halloween Lorne was a Transformer again. I believe this costume is Optimus Prime. He can probably enlighten you about his merits better than I can so I'll leave that alone. Sofie decided she'd like to be an Owl. So we made her costume with fleece blankets cut into triangles and painstakingly glued on via hot glue gun. Oh...and when I was done hers she wanted me to be an owl I had to make two!!! I told her next year we could dye them black and be crows. 
We are trying to get our business out and about in the community more often so we decided to enter a float in the annual Waubaushene Santa Claus Parade. Mike built the structures and I painted them. One end is a gingerbread house and the other end is a fireplace. Each year we'll try and add more to it. We got some great feedback from people. Despite the frigid temperatures it was a really fun day!
We seem to be finally getting a traditional Canadian Christmas this year with lots of cold weather and snow. This weekend the kids got their snowmobile up and running. They drove it so much on Sunday that they burned through 2 tanks of gas!!! It was colder than cold but they didn't care. 
Next step....Christmas!!! Wooooo!!!

Monday, September 2, 2013

'Twas the night before school started...

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'Twas the night before school started when all through the town,
the parents were cheering, it was a riotous sound!
By eight, kids were washed and tucked into bed...
when memories of homework, filled them with dread.

New pencils, new folders, new notebooks too!
New teachers, new friends...their anxiety grew!
The parents just giggled when they learned of this fright,
and shouted upstairs - "Go to bed! It's a school night!"
- Author unknown

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